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Kvass Opillia Bilyi

Taste the Real!
Kvass Opillia Bilyi
Taste the Real!

Kvass «Opillia Bilyi» is a true light drink of live fermentation. Its base is barley malt.

The drink combines delicate malty shades with a light sourness. Such a taste of "Bilyi" is very pleasant for consumption because it refreshes wonderfully. A barely noticeable sweetness adds richness and makes Kvass «Opillia Bilyi» especially tasty.

The traditional recipe of kvass is combined with an innovative approach to its preparation. This preserves all the natural benefits of the non-alcoholic drink. Kvass «Opillia Bilyi» is made in an environmentally clean region based on natural ingredients.

24 kcal / 100g Caloric content
5.2g / 100g Nutritional value
Bottled in:
Aluminum can 0.5 l
PET bottle 1l
PET bottle 1,5l
PET bottle 2l

Opillia Kvass Opillia Bilyi is brewed according to classical technology

For cooking kvass "Opillia Bilyi" use

drinking water barley-malt extract (barley malt, water) sugar wheat malt extract citric acid lactic acid stevia extract yeast

Kvass Opillia Bilyi perfectly tastes with...

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Especially for connoisseurs of the origin beer

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